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The first tournament site dedicated to 100% Playstation VR

Soluce PSVR winner of the first Firewall Zero Hour 8 Teams Tournament
The Killers winner of the second Firewall Zero Hour 8 Teams Tournament
Firewall Zero Hour Tournament Season 1 start soon stay tuned

The Killers vs Team Escro Finale Firewall Zero Hour 5-2. Replay

Team VRSus vs Team Escro Demi Finale 2-5 Replay

Team Impact vs The Killers Demi Finale 0-5 Replay

The Killers vs Blues Brothers 5-4
Team Escro vs VR4Player 5-1

Team974 vs Team VRSus 0-5

Team Impact vs Team Bambie 5-0

Soluce PSVR vs Blue Brothers 5-1 Finale Firewall Zero Hour

Revoir tous les matchs du tournoi Firewall Zero Hour 8 Teams dans la section " Replay"

Présentation du site Playstation VR League en vidéo :

Welcome to the PlayStation VR League website.

This website has been created by Anakin (ID PSN : Anakins14) in collaboration with Herbi from Soluce PSVR youtube channel.

We are passionate about wanting to bring together the PSVR community on one site, to organize tournaments on different PSVR games such as: :

Firewall Zero Hour
Creed : Rise To Glory
Sprint Vector
Racket Fury
Dark Eclipse

This site allows you to register alone, join a public team or create your private team..

To register on the site :

Go to the registration menu, fill out the form and confirm your e-mail (remember to look at your spam box).

To log in into the site, simply click on account and enter your e-mail and password.

Once logged in / log in to the site : :

To create your private team :
  • 1. The leader creates his team in private mode directly from his account.
  • 2. The other members register and choose the team created by the leader in the team menu.
  • The leader accepts team membership requests from the account menu.
If you do not have a team, you can :
  • Either create one in public mode so that other people can join (without application for membership).
  • Either join a public team (if there is one).
Public teams are those that automatically accept members into their team without validation.
Private teams can only be reached by membership application and must be validated by the team leader.
Closed teams can not be reached (they have enough members) but remain fully functional and can participate in tournaments.

The status and the name of the teams are not fixed and modifiable by the leader.

No email address is visible, only pseudo PSN are used.
However, for the sake of optimal organization, emails can be sent by this site (Tournament date reminder, new membership application, new tournament available etc.)